Materials Growth and Processing

Our materials growth and processing research develops novel materials and processing methods directed towards applications in high-tech microelectronics, sensing, and sustainability, working in collaboration with key industrial and scientific partners.

About the Research Area

Novel materials coupled with precision processing techniques enable unique functional devices on sub-micron and nanometre length scales. The ability to work at the interface of materials growth and processing, and to utilise a wide variety of processing techniques, including non-equilibrium plasma methods, enables us to access a broad range of parameter space and to develop innovative new materials, composites and structures suited to specific applications. Our wide range of analysis and characterisation techniques provide us with detailed understanding of the scientific basis of the material and device behaviour and these techniques are designed to maximise their relevance to the high-tech manufacturing sector by replicating industrial conditions to give our work maximum impact.

Research Projects

Materials Growth and Processing Publications


Silver and copper nano-colloid generation via pulsed laser ablation in liquid: Recirculation nanoparticle production mode. Pavithran, S.S; McCann, R; McCarthy, É; Freeland, B; Fleischer, K; Goodnick, S; Bowden, S; Honsberg, C; Brabazon, D. ESAFORM 2021 – 24th International Conference on Material Forming 2021

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Mechanism of stress relaxation and phase transformation in additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V via in situ high temperature XRD and TEM analyses. Kaschel, F.R; Vijayaraghavan, R.K; Shmeliov, A; McCarthy, E.K; Canavan, M; McNally, P.J; Dowling, D.P; Nicolosi, V; Celikin, M. Acta Materialia 2020

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X-ray tomography, AFM and nanoindentation measurements for recyclability analysis of 316L powders in 3D printing process. Gorji, N.E; O’Connor, R; Brabazon, D. Procedia Manufacturing 2020

Ti6Al4V functionally graded material via high power and high speed laser surface modification. Geng, Y; McCarthy, É; Brabazon, D; Harrison, N. Surface and Coatings Technology 2020

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Aluminium oxide formation via atomic layer deposition using a polymer brush mediated selective infiltration approach. Snelgrove, M; McFeely, C; Mani-Gonzalez, P.G; Lahtonen, K; Lundy, R; Hughes, G; Valden, M; McGlynn, E; Yadav, P; Saari, J; Morris, M.A; O’Connor, R. Applied Surface Science 2020

Comparing the adhesion strength of 316L stainless steel joints after laser surface texturing by CO2 and fiber lasers. Mandolfino, C; Obeidi, M; Lertora, E; Brabazon, D. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2020

Advanced materials of printed wearables for physiological parameter monitoring. Sreenilayam, S.P; Ahad, I.U; Nicolosi, V; Acinas Garzon, V; Brabazon, D. Materials Today 2020

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Strength-ductility trade-off via SiC nanoparticle dispersion in A356 aluminium matrix. Mousavian, R.T; Behnamfard, S; Khosroshahi, R.A; Zavašnik, J; Ghosh, P; Krishnamurthy, S; Heidarzadeh, A; Brabazon, D. Materials Science and Engineering A 2020

Dry Milling of Aluminum and Ceramic Nanoparticles for a Particulate-Injection Casting of Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites. Behnamfard, S; Mousavian, R.T; Afkham, Y; Khosroshahi, R.A; Nekouee, K.A; Brabazon, D. Silicon 2020

Area-Selective ALD of Ru on Nanometer-Scale Cu Lines through Dimerization of Amino-Functionalized Alkoxy Silane Passivation Films. Zyulkov, I; Madhiwala, V; Voronina, E; Snelgrove, M; Bogan, J; O’Connor, R; De Gendt, S; Armini, S. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2020

Precise Definition of a “monolayer Point” in Polymer Brush Films for Fabricating Highly Coherent TiO2Thin Films by Vapor-Phase Infiltration. Lundy, R; Yadav, P; Prochukhan, N; Giraud, E.C; O’Mahony, T.F; Selkirk, A; Mullen, E; Conway, J; Turner, M; Daniels, S; Mani-Gonzalez, P.G; Snelgrove, M; Bogan, J; McFeely, C; O’Connor, R; McGlynn, E; Hughes, G; Cummins, C; Morris, M.A. Langmuir 2020

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