Electronic Manufacturing: Self-Aligned Fabrication Gets a Boost with Innovative Atomic Layer Deposition Process!

As the demand for high-performing electronics continues to grow, there is a pressing need to develop new manufacturing processes that can keep up with the pace of device scaling. The area-selective deposition (ASD) method, particularly the fully self-aligned via (FSAV) scheme, has been touted as a game-changer in this regard. However, the use of traditional high-temperature and strong oxidizer processes has posed a challenge in implementing FSAV by dielectric-on-dielectric ASD.

In this groundbreaking study, a team of researchers has demonstrated the feasibility of AlOx and Al-silicate atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes as suitable materials for FSAV-enabled ASD. By utilizing innovative techniques such as SAMs and DMDAcO pulses, the team has been able to achieve a high-quality ASD process with a relatively low κ-value and high acceleration field factor.

This innovative approach to atomic layer deposition is set to have a significant impact on the semiconductor industry, paving the way for the development of more advanced electronics with superior performance and reliability.