Our aim is to address the connected challenges of how to increase food production in a less impactful way on the climate through plasma based solutions.

About the Research Area

Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges we face in the present and future. It’s becoming increasingly important to find new ways to use our resources more efficiently. We can tackle these challenges head-on and unlock a range of potential solutions by harnessing the power of plasma. NCPST researchers are working on developing technologies and solutions that can provide nearly limitless sources of carbon-free electricity, create new materials, and produce chemicals in a more environmentally friendly manner. One area where plasma technology could have a significant impact is in agriculture, where the need to increase food production while minimising environmental impact is critical. Traditionally, nitrogen-based fertilisers have been used to boost crop yields, but they come with significant environmental challenges. Plasma technology offers an alternative solution by mimicking the natural process of atmospheric nitrogen fixation. By producing human-made plasmas, we can convert atmospheric nitrogen, oxygen, and water into nitrates and ammonia, providing a more sustainable source of nitrogen for crops.

Research Projects

Sustainability Publications


Investigation of HVOF thermal sprayed nanostructured WC-12Co mixed with Inconel-625 coatings for oil/gas applications. Al-Hamed, A; Al-Fadhli, H.Y; Al-Mutairi, S; Yilbas, B.S; Hashmi, M.S.J; Stokes, J. WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences 2013