Modelling and Simulation

Computational techniques for describing and predicting plasma properties. Accurate and well benchmarked simulations and models can predict new power coupling and distribution mechanisms, excitation schemes and configurations. 

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About the Research Area

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Modelling and Simulation Publications


Effects of excitation voltage pulse shape on the characteristics of atmospheric-pressure nanosecond discharges. Donkó, Z; Hamaguchi, S; Gans, T. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2019

Experimental and computational investigations of electron dynamics in micro atmospheric pressure radio-frequency plasma jets operated in He/N 2 mixtures. Bischoff, L; Hübner, G; Korolov, I; Donkó, Z; Hartmann, P; Gans, T; Held, J; Schulz-Von Der Gathen, V; Liu, Y; Mussenbrock, T; Schulze, J. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2018

Experimental benchmark of kinetic simulations of capacitively coupled plasmas in molecular gases. Donkó, Z; Derzsi, A; Korolov, I; Hartmann, P; Brandt, S; Schulze, J; Berger, B; Koepke, M; Bruneau, B; Johnson, E; Lafleur, T; Booth, J.-P; Gibson, A.R; O’Connell, D; Gans, T. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 2018

Calculated electron impact dissociation cross sections for molecular chlorine (Cl2). Hamilton, J.R; Tennyson, J; Booth, J.-P; Gans, T; Gibson, A.R. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2018

Concepts, Capabilities, and Limitations of Global Models: A Review. Hurlbatt, A; Gibson, A.R; Schröter, S; Bredin, J; Foote, A.P.S; Grondein, P; O’Connell, D; Gans, T. Plasma Processes and Polymers 2017

QDB: A new database of plasma chemistries and reactions. Tennyson, J; Rahimi, S; Hill, C; Tse, L; Vibhakar, A; Akello-Egwel, D; Brown, D.B; Dzarasova, A; Hamilton, J.R; Jaksch, D; Mohr, S; Wren-Little, K; Bruckmeier, J; Agarwal, A; Bartschat, K; Bogaerts, A; Booth, J.-P; Goeckner, M.J; Hassouni, K; Itikawa, Y; Braams, B.J; Krishnakumar, E; Laricchiuta, A; Mason, N.J; Pandey, S; Petrovic, Z.L; Pu, Y.-K; Ranjan, A; Rauf, S; Schulze, J; Turner, M.M; Ventzek, P; Whitehead, J.C; Yoon, J.-S. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2017

Bridging the gap between global models and full fluid models: A fast 1D semi-analytical fluid model for electronegative plasmas. Hurlbatt, A; O’Connell, D; Gans, T. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2016

Two-Dimensional Integrated Model for Interaction of Liquid Droplets with Atmospheric Pressure Plasma. Iqbal, M.M; Stallard, C.P; Dowling, D.P; Turner, M.M. Plasma Processes and Polymers 2015

Tailoring the nonlinear frequency coupling between odd harmonics for the optimisation of charged particle dynamics in capacitively coupled oxygen plasmas. Gibson, A.R; Greb, A; Graham, W.G; Gans, T. Applied Physics Letters 2015

Numerical experiment to estimate the validity of negative ion diagnostic using photo-detachment combined with Langmuir probing. Oudini, N; Sirse, N; Benallal, R; Taccogna, F; Aanesland, A; Bendib, A; Ellingboe, A.R. Physics of Plasmas 2015

Equivalence of the hard-wall and kinetic-fluid models of collisionless electron heating in capacitively coupled discharges. Lafleur, T; Chabert, P; Turner, M.M; Booth, J.P. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2014

Investigation of absolute atomic fluorine density in a capacitively coupled SF6/O2/Ar and SF6/Ar discharge. Kechkar, S; Babu, S.K; Swift, P; Gaman, C; Daniels, S; Turner, M. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2014