NCPST Publications


Electric field nonlinearity in very high frequency capacitive discharges at constant electron plasma frequency. Sharma, S; Sirse, N; Kuley, A; Turner, M.M. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2020

The formation of atomic oxygen and hydrogen in atmospheric pressure plasmas containing humidity: Picosecond two-photon absorption laser induced fluorescence and numerical simulations. Schröter, S; Bredin, J; Gibson, A.R; West, A; Dedrick, J.P; Wagenaars, E; Niemi, K; Gans, T; O’Connell, D. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2020

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Notch signalling is a potential resistance mechanism of progenitor cells within patient-derived prostate cultures following ROS-inducing treatments. Packer, J.R; Hirst, A.M; Droop, A.P; Adamson, R; Simms, M.S; Mann, V.M; Frame, F.M; O’Connell, D; Maitland, N.J. FEBS Letters 2020

Enhancing surface production of negative ions using nitrogen doped diamond in a deuterium plasma. Smith, G.J; Ellis, J; Moussaoui, R; Pardanaud, C; Martin, C; Achard, J; Issaoui, R; Gans, T; Dedrick, J.P; Cartry, G. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2020

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High frequency sheath modulation and higher harmonic generation in a low pressure very high frequency capacitively coupled plasma excited by sawtooth waveform. Sharma, S; Sirse, N; Turner, M.M. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 2020

Cold atmospheric plasma, the removal of blood from steel and its effect on staphylococcal biofilm formation. A pilot study. Fallon, M; Boyle, M; Kennedy, S; Daniels, S; Humphreys, H. Clinical Plasma Medicine 2020

Biophysical characterisation of DNA origami nanostructures reveals inaccessibility to intercalation binding sites. Miller, H.L; Contera, S; Wollman, A.J.M; Hirst, A; Dunn, K.E; Schröter, S; O’Connell, D; Leake, M.C. Nanotechnology 2020

A new method for assessing the recyclability of powders within Powder Bed Fusion process. Gorji, N.E; Saxena, P; Corfield, M; Clare, A; Rueff, J.-P; Bogan, J; González, P.G.M; Snelgrove, M; Hughes, G; O’Connor, R; Raghavendra, R; Brabazon, D. Materials Characterization 2020

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Experimental and empirical model analysis of microsurface texturing on 316 L press-fit joints fabricated by selective laser melting. Sohrabpoor, H; Mousavian, R.T; O’Halloran, S; Benyounis, K.Y; Baraheni, M; Obeidi, M.A; Ahad, I.U; Raghavendra, R; Brabazon, D. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2020

Comparative study of a cubic, Kelvin and Weaire-Phelan unit cell for the prediction of the thermal conductivity of low density silica aerogels. Latré, S.K; De Pooter, S; Buffel, B; Brabazon, D; Seveno, D; Desplentere, F. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2020

Aluminium oxide formation via atomic layer deposition using a polymer brush mediated selective infiltration approach. Snelgrove, M; McFeely, C; Mani-Gonzalez, P.G; Lahtonen, K; Lundy, R; Hughes, G; Valden, M; McGlynn, E; Yadav, P; Saari, J; Morris, M.A; O’Connor, R. Applied Surface Science 2020

Comparing the adhesion strength of 316L stainless steel joints after laser surface texturing by CO2 and fiber lasers. Mandolfino, C; Obeidi, M; Lertora, E; Brabazon, D. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2020

Advanced materials of printed wearables for physiological parameter monitoring. Sreenilayam, S.P; Ahad, I.U; Nicolosi, V; Acinas Garzon, V; Brabazon, D. Materials Today 2020

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Strength-ductility trade-off via SiC nanoparticle dispersion in A356 aluminium matrix. Mousavian, R.T; Behnamfard, S; Khosroshahi, R.A; Zavašnik, J; Ghosh, P; Krishnamurthy, S; Heidarzadeh, A; Brabazon, D. Materials Science and Engineering A 2020

Dry Milling of Aluminum and Ceramic Nanoparticles for a Particulate-Injection Casting of Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites. Behnamfard, S; Mousavian, R.T; Afkham, Y; Khosroshahi, R.A; Nekouee, K.A; Brabazon, D. Silicon 2020

Area-Selective ALD of Ru on Nanometer-Scale Cu Lines through Dimerization of Amino-Functionalized Alkoxy Silane Passivation Films. Zyulkov, I; Madhiwala, V; Voronina, E; Snelgrove, M; Bogan, J; O’Connor, R; De Gendt, S; Armini, S. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2020

Precise Definition of a “monolayer Point” in Polymer Brush Films for Fabricating Highly Coherent TiO2Thin Films by Vapor-Phase Infiltration. Lundy, R; Yadav, P; Prochukhan, N; Giraud, E.C; O’Mahony, T.F; Selkirk, A; Mullen, E; Conway, J; Turner, M; Daniels, S; Mani-Gonzalez, P.G; Snelgrove, M; Bogan, J; McFeely, C; O’Connor, R; McGlynn, E; Hughes, G; Cummins, C; Morris, M.A. Langmuir 2020