NCPST appoints Prof Deborah O’Connell as Director

The National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology (NCPST) recently appointed Prof Deborah O’Connell as Director. Deborah recently joined the School of Physical Sciences at DCU, through the HEA SALI initiative, from the University of York where she held a Chair and was also Director of the York Plasma Institute, UK. Her ambition for NCPST is to develop an internationally leading plasma research centre through fostering genuine collaborations with academics, industry and research organisations. Plasma technologies offer a platform for solutions to address challenges the world faces. The NCPST very much welcomes new members and collaborators from all sectors, across the island of Ireland and beyond.

Plasma science is a multidisciplinary field with extraordinary impact and reach. The NCPST brings together investigators and researchers across multiple fields of science and engineering. Applications, currently of particular interest at the NCPST, include those in the energy sector (e.g. energy materials, energy storage and transport, nuclear fusion science), environment applications (nitrogen sources for agriculture, removal of wind turbine fouling), biomedical technologies (e.g. cancer therapeutics, tackling antimicrobial resistance), high-tech nano-electronics manufacturing and space plasmas. Utilising and developing sensor techniques and advanced simulations are key topics underpinning the development of these applications.